Skin Irritation, Allergy & Co; Hautirritation ist nicht gleich Allergie

Skin Irritation, Allergy & Co.

HautirritationWhat exactly is an allergy? An allergy can hap­pen sud­denly; it is the result of the immune sys­tem iden­ti­fy­ing an inher­ently harm­less sub­stance as harm­ful and send­ing out an alert, i.e. an aller­gic reac­tion. Experts do not yet under­stand the cause of this reac­tion, but they have a name for it: sensitization.

A skin irri­ta­tion or rash appears one to three days after con­tact with an aller­genic sub­stance – often the skin becomes inflamed and forms blis­ters. Doc­tors call this an eczema. How­ever, not every rash actu­ally is an allergy. Aller­gists esti­mate that only every fifth cos­met­i­cally induced eczema has an allergy ori­gin. Four out of five cases are just irri­ta­tions, which are, how­ever, dif­fi­cult to dis­tin­guish from aller­gies because of their sim­i­lar symptoms.

Only a test can deter­mine whether it is an allergy. But not every­one who reacts sen­si­tively to a nat­ural or syn­thetic sub­stance will imme­di­ately dis­play a rash because of that sub­stance. In the case of con­tact aller­gies, the dosage and expo­sure period to the skin play a cru­cial role. In allergy tests, about eight per­cent of Ger­mans are sen­si­tive to high con­cen­tra­tions of fra­grances. Only one to three per­cent suf­fer from true allergies.


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