Quality in the hotel bathroom carries over to the entire hotel

Quality is Contagious

For hotel cos­met­ics, qual­ity is of the utmost sig­nif­i­cance. But what exactly does qual­ity mean? In Latin, the word refers to “the con­sti­tu­tion” of some­thing. Thus, the ini­tial, neu­tral mean­ing of the word indi­cates the nature of a prod­uct or ser­vice. Whether a qual­ity is defined as good or bad depends on the degree to which cus­tomer require­ments have been met and an added value has been cre­ated. In other words, qual­ity sub­stan­tially lies in the eye of the beholder. A com­pany that wants to pro­duce ‘qual­ity’ must accom­mo­date the wishes of the customer.

 Qual­ity in the hotel bath­room car­ries over to the entire hotel

Guests asso­ciate fac­tors such as the clean­li­ness of a hotel bath­room and the qual­ity of the bath­room ameni­ties with the over­all stan­dard of the hotel itself. All these points iden­tify what they, as guests, are worth to the hotel. If the impres­sion is first-class, then the hotel’s image and cus­tomer loy­alty will clearly benefit.

 The hote­lier must decide what choice of prod­ucts will cre­ate a supe­rior impres­sion on his guests. In our expe­ri­ence, hotels which pro­vide exclu­sive and cus­tomized pri­vate brands have the most favor­able effect on guests. Guests feel that they are spe­cial, and this inevitably results in a stronger cus­tomer loy­alty. In addi­tion, these hotels dis­tin­guish them­selves clearly from their com­peti­tors. If a hotel decides against a cus­tomized ver­sion, there is always the choice of using the pos­i­tive image of well-known fash­ion and lifestyle brands to under­score its com­pe­tence and class.The most impor­tant fac­tor is that the cos­metic series match the indi­vid­ual hotel and its clien­tele. Guests are known to be dis­cern­ing; they will notice imme­di­ately if some­thing is inconsistent.

 Green Qual­ity

A hotel that fol­lows a green, sus­tain­able pol­icy must ensure that its com­mit­ment is appar­ent and tan­gi­ble inter­nally, too. An ‘eco-hotel’ can only be cred­i­ble if, for instance, the body care prod­ucts in the bath­room are eco­log­i­cally sus­tain­able, the tow­els are changed only on request of the guests, the choco­late on the pil­low orig­i­nates from ‘fair trade’, and the pool is heated with solar energy. Trans­par­ent guest infor­ma­tion about the hotel’s ‘green’ activ­i­ties increase the aware­ness and sig­nif­i­cance of these mea­sures. Spe­cial atten­tion should be paid to sup­pli­ers, since the hotel’s ‘green’ qual­ity is only as good as that of sup­pli­ers. All sup­pli­ers must, there­fore, com­ply with the stan­dards of the hotel’s own credo of values. 



After more than two decades of expe­ri­ence in the hotel indus­try, Anett Moritz founded Moritz Hotel­con­sult­ing in June 2005. The com­pany con­sults hotel and restau­rants in var­i­ous fields, such as  coach­ing start-up entre­pre­neurs, qual­ity man­age­ment, plan­ning and con­trol­ling, mar­ket­ing and sales.

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