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Nat­ural and Eco-friendly Hotel Cos­metic Products

Hotels are expe­ri­enc­ing that today’s guests do not merely want to be con­sum­ing. Eth­i­cal and eco­log­i­cal val­ues increas­ingly have become decid­ing fac­tors. Espe­cially body care prod­ucts are expected to be safe, both for the skin and the envi­ron­ment. The Green Col­lec­tion Series aptly ful­fill these high demands of hotel cos­met­ics. Whether it is organic care, nature-inspired cos­met­ics or the recy­clable dis­penser sys­tem that appeals to you – the Green Collection’s prod­ucts are the per­fect solu­tion for hotels which want to offer their guests nat­ural prod­uct safety while pur­pose­fully act­ing in an eco­log­i­cally respon­si­ble way.
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