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ADA Employees to Drive E-Cars

ADA_BMWi3_mitWBKFrom now on, ADA Cosmetics International’s employees will be driving fully electric cars. The company has invested in BMW’s showpiece, the BMWi3. According to Wilhelm Könning, Managing Director of the cosmetics company, “the number of e-cars being used privately or commercially is still very small, so we wanted to ...

Earth Day in April — Join In!

earth-dayAs every year, Earth Day 2014 is being celebrated on April 22nd in more than 190 countries. Many cities, companies, organizations and private initiatives are organizing various related events around the globe. Whoever has spent a day at the beach in Bali looking for a clean spot, or has seen ...

Delicious food and happy employees


Eat Well and Protect Our Climate

veggie-day_bildOnce again, ADA Cosmetics is organizing at least two “Veggie-Days“ for their employees in 2014. These events are part of the company’s Green Globe Campaign “Join In”.  Last year’s vegetarian four- course menus proved to be very popular.  Examples of the plant-based dishes to be served are fresh salads, ...