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ADA Cosmetics Renounces Microplastic Particles

Mikroplastik_bildADA Cosmetics removes microplastic particles from its products Environmentalists and researchers have long called for it: To stop the use of microplastic particles in cosmetic items. The Federal Department of Environmental Affairs also has demanded a voluntary withdrawal. Europe’s leading manufacturer of hotel cosmetics, ADA Cosmetics International (ADA), has conducted a sustainable ...

Bottle Caps

 What do you do with the many bottle tops that accumulate in your restaurant, bar or mini-bar? Perhaps there is an artist like Yoav Kotik  near you, who would easily know what to do with them. Check it out!   Millions, perhaps billions of bottle tops end up as waste every ...

The Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in the World

Environmental protection really works in the hotel industry – as proven by theBestWestern PremierHotelVictoria, “the world’s most eco-friendly private hotel”. Since 1985, Bertram and Astrid Späth, as the third generation, have been managing the hotel’s operation. In that very year, they initiated the in-house environmental protection project. Both these ...


Smart Care SystemJanuary 2012: ADA Cosmetics introduces the new SMART CARE SYSTEM  ADA Cosmetics is introducing the second, patented dispenser generation to the market under the name SMART CARE SYSTEM.   More details: http://www.ada-cosmetics.com/ada-media/presse/en/PR-100005-PressRelease-Launch-2011-en-01.pdf